Me Crack Head Squirrel!

I’ve had a good share of black belt rolls so far this week! I just love having access to a good number of excellent black belts where I train! They say their goal is to train me to defeat them someday.

I have been doing a lot of training lately. In my mind, this is off season – but on paper it’s another story entirely.

Rode bike 3 miles to gym
Rolled for 90 mins
Did 3 massages
Rolled/drilled for 2 hours
Did another massage
Kettlebell workout
Rode bike 3 miles to home

So yea… Guess I’m still training a lot… But it feels completely different than before. I’m having fun, and using the bike and kettlebells to build joint stability so I can handle training more.

Granted, I’m being fairly lazy today so far. No massages and no kettlebells. I did get to roll with one of our black belts this morning before class – getting much better at keeping from being smashed in half guard.

I feel bad sometimes for the guys rolling with me. I imagine it’s like having a crackhead squirrel running circles all over your body, and having to somehow catch it, without actually hurting it. Ha!

On a somber note, was talking with a friend of mine in Brazil. Prayers going out for safety and an end to corruption to the homeland of my beloved lifestyle!


10 thoughts on “Me Crack Head Squirrel!

      • Fast&FuriousDrew

        Yes it sure does, it also becomes a part of how your operate. Oh and I’m sure the black belts don’t mind working with a blue belt like you, I know I do – plus it’s great practice being with someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing half the time.

    • Nicholle

      Heh. A lot of the guys who train regularly end up with nicknames – some affectionate, some not so much. We have: turtle, gummy bear, beastmaster, motormouth, etc. The guys kept trying to come up with one for me, and nothing stuck any longer than a week. Let’s face it, I’m the girl. What more do you ya need? Ha!

      About a year ago, one of my team mates started referring to me as “coach’s little killer” and it just stuck in my head. So, “Coach’s Killer” it is!

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