Pushing It a Bit

Position this week is side control bottom. I didn’t roll this morning because I was the odd girl out in a class of big blue belts and new white belts. Coach promised to beat me up later anyhow.

At 5, I started out paired off with a large purple belt – who is also a black belt in Muy Thai and the head instructor. Felt like rolling with a mountain on top of me. Then went with a large immovable brown belt. I don’t think he knew what to do with me – he just sat there like a statue and wouldn’t look at me. Then went with the first guy again, followed by a smaller (exhausted) blue belt, and a small brown belt. Whew!

Normally I would rest after this, but they had odd numbers in the no gi class – so I somehow ended up joining that class as well.

Never done a no gi class before – we drilled how to properly bridge and crossface out of side control bottom. Then the sparring…

I think it went okay! Was working with my BBB for drilling and the first round of sparring. Next round was with another girl who is a bit larger than me and is very hostile since I got my 3rd stripe – it was smash city. I got a half guard lockdown but couldn’t budge her off my face – spent several minutes like that while she tried to pry her leg out. She took her frustrations out on the side of my face and neck. After about 2 mins I asked if she wanted to restart since we seemed to be stalled – she growled “no!” We were stuck like that until time was called. Hope coach promotes her so she stops being angry! She’s been training a year longer than me so she’s pissed that I outrank her (so says the other girl). Seriously though? We’re both still just white belt beginners – not that big of a deal!

Anyhow, went with a guy I hadn’t met before next. He said he has only been coming for a couple weeks, but he had a wrestler’s stance so I watched for the leg grab. He went for it in just a couple seconds and I wasn’t able to sprawl out – was able to flip to guard though! The rest of class was me holding a body triangle – beyond that I was lost.

My last round was with the girl I’ve been training with at 10. I ended up jumping guard and going from there.

At the 7:15 class I was pretty tired. It the last class for one of my training partners who is leaving for L.A. – pretty sad to see her go! We drilled re-guarding from half guard bottom then hopped to rolling.

Did a couple rounds with my soon-to-be-gone training partner. Man gonna miss rolling with her! I did my next round with one of our purple belts who was lecturing me. I needed it too! Think that’s the hardest I’ve fought to stay on top so far – he told me “Tired is just in your head, you’re not tired, keep moving!”

Last round I jumped on coach. He was going after wrist locks to distract me from moving. I kept telling myself “I’m not tired! Now move!” He said I was doing really well at making space and getting my legs into position. Told me I’m gonna tear it up in Memphis.

Talked with the Muy Thai instructor after class – wanted to pick his brain. He said I was really doing well at making space – he had to crush the air out of me because it was the only way he could keep me still. Told me to work on sweeps.

I’m gonna start joining the cardio kickboxing class in the mornings when no one shows up for gi classes. Figure it’ll help build my endurance! Gonna start riding the bike to class next week as well – gonna wait until after the tournament since I figure I’ll be sore for a while from that (10 miles each way)

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