Upcoming Competition Events:IMG_4305

2018 has been great to me so far and I am enjoying the phase of growth I am in!

ipad 258Travel Plans:

Here is the list of trips I am currently planning! My trips are all built around competitions. My home base is Nashville, TN – so if you ever come visit, I would be happy to point you to some of the cool places in town!

I’m always up for meeting new people as well when I am out and about, so contact me if I will be in your area!


January 8 – 19: United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Etc

Main Points of Interest: UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Grand Slam, IBJJF European Championship. I will also have a few days in between these events and am trying to decide where I will spend them.

January 24 – 26: Orlando, Fl

Main Points of Interest: UAEJJF US National Pro and escaping the frigid weather in Nashville.

January 29 – February 6: Mexico

Main Points of Interest: UAEJJF Mexican National Pro, visiting my fantastic friends, and eating all the food.

February 19 – March 1: Columbia and Peru

Main Points of Interest: South American Continental Pro, Machu Picchu

March 22 – 23: Los Angeles, California

Main Points of Interest: Pan American Championship

April: United Arab Emirates

Main Points of Interest: UAEJJF World Pro Championship

May 30 – June 2: Los Angeles, California

Main Points of Interest: IBJJF World Championship

July(ish?): Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong

Main Points of Interest: UAEJJF Tokyo Grand Slam (date not set yet), Finishing half sleeve tattoo with my artist in Tokyo, Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur, eat all the food in Phuket, see Hong Kong before China makes it disappear.

August 21 – 14: Las Vegas, Nevada

Main Points of Interest: IBJJF World Master Championship

Travel Expenses:

I’ve gotten quite good at traveling on a budget. In 2015, I spent a week in Tokyo for the grand total of $450 – including airfare and tickets to the Sumo National Championship tournament. I did a trade with one of my massage clients for the air miles to get the plane ticket, and then stayed in a capsule style guest house for the week I was there.

I spent two weeks in Europe at the beginning of 2016 for a total amount of just over $1,000.

My first visit anywhere is usually a bit more expensive, but each time I visit I figure out how to shave off a little bit of what was unnecessary. Since I don’t travel in order to sit in a nice hotel all day, I just focus on finding a safe place to crash after the adventures of the day. I can live quite happily for a month or longer out of just my backpack.

At home, I don’t own a car or a smart phone. I consider them to be luxuries and rather than spending several hundred dollars per month on these things, I would rather save for my next competition/training trip.

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