Upcoming Competition Events:IMG_4305

This year has been very eventful!

I’ve given up on any trip planning for the near future, but I look forward to filling up my new passport as soon as possible!


Travel Expenses:

I’ve gotten quite good at traveling on a budget. In 2015, I spent a week in Tokyo for the grand total of $450 – including airfare and tickets to the Sumo National Championship tournament. I did a trade with one of my massage clients for the air miles to get the plane ticket, and then stayed in a capsule style guest house for the week I was there.

I spent two weeks in Europe at the beginning of 2016 for a total amount of just over $1,000.

My first visit anywhere is usually a bit more expensive, but each time I visit I figure out how to shave off a little bit of what was unnecessary. Since I don’t travel in order to sit in a nice hotel all day, I just focus on finding a safe place to crash after the adventures of the day. I can live quite happily for a month or longer out of just my backpack.

At home, I don’t own a car or a smart phone. I consider them to be luxuries and rather than spending several hundred dollars per month on these things, I would rather save for my next competition/training trip.

I work hard running my own massage therapy business. It is a trade off as it allows me flexibility of time in order to train and also take off to go on trips. I tend to take shorter trips than I would like however since I don’t want to leave my clients high and dry for too long. In the end, I am continually working to keep it balanced so I can keep doing what I want to do.

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