No Gi Battle

Yesterday we didn’t have class at 6:30 and I had to be at work at 12 – so I went in at 10 to train no gi with the fight camp.

The gal I train no gi with has her mma fight next saturday. She’ll be doing 3, 3 minute rounds – so we did 5, 3 minute rounds with one minute rest in between.

My purpose here is to keep her moving and fighting the whole time. Normally I’m trying to conserve energy when I roll – only using just enough. I cranked it up pretty close to max intensity and went all out.

She would absolutely destroy me in a striking battle, but our ground games are pretty well matched. Normally if I have someone in my guard I rest a bit, since I’m pretty secure in my guard – but not this time. I imagined her pummeling from my guard so focused on keeping her broken down to where she wouldn’t be able to strike.

All told, she’s gonna shred her opponent! Can’t wait to hear about it!

I’ve gotten a lot out of it as well – got my NAGA tournament next Saturday, and I decided to enter no gi as well as gi. Told her if I do well in no gi, it’s thanks to her!

My contract I signed with my gym is now expired, and coach made me up an auto-renewing yearly agreement that’ll cost 20 bucks less a month. He made the comment that I’ll probably get my black belt from him in a few years anyhow.

Had a talk with my big ol ufc teddy bear friend. In the last 6 months I’ve lost enough inches around my waist that my pants won’t stay up. Yet, I haven’t dropped any weight. He said that’s excellent – means I’m cutting fat and adding muscle. Problem being, I’m running out of places to cut from to make lightweight. I can’t do water cuts because my sodium levels tend to go haywire and try to shut down my central nervous system.

He suggested instead of cutting, why not just up my strength and agility – then I could be the small, wirey person in the weight class. Gotta say, that does appeal more to me. Anytime I get below 140 I feel like poop on a stick.

Speaking of poop on a stick, I think I caught a slight bug. Woke up this morning and my throat is raw and swollen – guess that explains why I’ve been so tired the last couple days. I always get sleepy when I’m fighting off a sickness – usually I’m able to sleep it off. Good thing it’s the weekend!

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