So Many Ways To Kill Me

Someone else showed up to the 6:30 am class today! It was a big, new white belt – but with coach watching I wasn’t too worried. We practiced a heel pick takedown, side control hand positioning, and then taking mount from side control, and then a really sneaky wrist lock from side control. Coach won his 3rd match at the Pan Ams with that wrist lock – snapped it real good!

I’m pretty sure I “at least” bruised another rib or two last week. It’s a bit painful with deep inhalation, and being crushed flat is much more unpleasant than usual. So annoying – I guess I’ll just have to work around it.

No one to play with again at 10 I’m afraid. A group of gi students showed up early for the next class and were rolling around a bit, but there was nobody I could roll with.

The 11:30 class on mon and tue is our intro gi class (no rolling) – so I only take it when I find someone, before class begins, who I can pair off with safely.

We drilled a snap to back takedown, then reguard from side control bottom, then belly out (if hip is blocked). My drilling partner was one of our more experienced white belts with a severe adhd streak. Every other rep he got excited over discovering a new way to kill me, each time quoting “but I would never hurt you, you’re too sweet!”. I caught coach eyeballing him a couple times, it was pretty entertaining!

That was it for today! Tomorrow is my long training day. 10, 11:30, 5, and 7:15. Yay!

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