Best Roll Ever!

Our girl mma fighter made it to team training at 10, so I got to take turns with her. Gotta say, our last round was probably our best ever! Wish we had taken video of it! When they called time, we both popped up and in unison hollered “that was awesome!”

At 11:30 I teamed up with a purple belt instructor from Murfreesboro. It was great fun drilling and then rolling a bit. He got me with a pretty mean wrist lock which I, of course, gave him a hard time about – after my eyes had stopped watering.

I had some good rolls at 5. Got beat up by a brown belt, purple, and a couple of our more controlled blues.

Got to play against a spider guard for a change – it was the purple belt who taught me some tricks last week. I kept my base low and managed to avoid his sweeps for several minutes, then he got me with a really simple one that made my brain say “Du-oh!”

Let’s see, one of the blue belts got me with a kimura several times. He told me that’s what I get for putting my hand on the mat. Got spun upside-down a few times – getting fairly comfortable with that!

I came prepared with muscle milk for refueling – but ended up not joining the 7:15 class. It was mainly large white belts whom I didn’t know – so I figured I’d just go home and rest some instead. 6:30 comes early!

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