This week we will be drilling back attacks. I predict much chokeage over the next five days.

At 6:30a we drilled a gi choke, and an alternate bow/arrow choke for if the manage to roll onto the other side to avoid the gi choke.

Got to roll with coach a bit as well. We started on the ground and both pulled guard at the same time. He told me I need to work harder to keep position when on top. I’m so used to working off my back, that I’ll let someone roll me easily when I am quite capable of maintaining position. Once I get top position, coach wants me to stay there. He said I did much better than last time I rolled with him – progress is good! I think he actually put out effort to pass my guard this time, took him a few tries.

No one my size (meaning midget) was there at 10, so I just watched the guys shark tank each other.

At 11:30 we drilled a takedown, and two deep half guard top moves. One being the bravo choke, the other was a “flatten them out and pass” option.

I think I’ll go up with the team to Louisville for this tournament on the 12th. Coach said it’d be a good one to get my feet wet with before NAGA in June. The tournament has an interesting setup. No weight classes, they just divide everyone up day of into groups of 5 – starting with the lightest. The each person in the group will fight the 4 others one at a time. So I’ll get some good practice!

This the people at this tournament complain that guys from my team are too rough. So, of course, that means coach wants to take an even bigger team up this year and “toughen those sissies up.”

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