Scar Tissue On My Spine?

Went in at 6:30 and, for once, I was glad no one else showed up. I started moving around a bit and decided that sore rib I got last night needs some rest.

I made an appointment to see the chiro at 10:30 – so we’ll see what’s going on. Basically it is feeling the same way that my (finally) healed rib felt right before I’d broken it. I ignored it last time – and I learned my lesson!

Results are that I had a ton of scar tissue wrapping up my lower spine. It’s probably from when I sprained that vertebral ligament two months ago. At any rate, it was a rather painful treatment, but he took care of it and I’m (almost) good as new.

What likely happened is that the scar tissue was keeping my lower ribs from moving the way they normally would – leading to injury. I’m still a bit sore in that new spot on my left side – but it should heal pretty quickly now. I’m gonna just baby it over the weekend and see how it feels on Monday.

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