Second Belt Stripe

Training at 10 was fun! Did some rounds of no gi grappling with a team mate who is getting ready for an mma fight in June. Alternated rounds with one of the smaller guys so we could keep her moving.

At 11:30 we drilled a slick arm bar from the back – it’s useful against an opponent who is protecting their neck well. I rolled a bit after drilling, but then I got smashed in the rib too much and squeaked – so coach made me sit out.

Good news! Coach gave me my second stripe today! Halfway to my blue belt in under 4 months – Yay!

At 5 we drilled the same arm bar for about 10 mins then settled to rolling. I played some fun entanglements with my legs – switching between spider, inside de la riva, and an x guard. I just LOVE when people try to stand and pass my guard!

I got my beatings after that. Rolled two more rounds, then someone got tired and sat out so I took the time to be lazy as well. Coach threw me back in on the last round. Guy was goading me to use my spider guard on him so, of course, I went for the inside de la riva instead (got him all confused). Turns out he had a new spider guard defense he wanted to test on me. I had him show me after class – it would work on someone with less mobility, but I think my re-guard is too fast for it to work all that well on me.

I did some massage work on a couple guys between classes. 7:15 was more drilling that arm bar – I’m gonna be doing that one in my sleep tonight.

We had a purple belt visiting – and he’s hypermobile too! We spent the time before class comparing contortions. Coach had me sit out from rolling again – so I was watching how this guy moves.

Good day of training! Got smashed a little, did a little smashing. Now here’s hoping I have someone to work with tomorrow morning at 6:30!

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