Flying Armbars

Coach has started a new thing where we have a move of the month, of which we are to drill at least 1,500 reps of for that month. This month it is the X-pass from de la riva. So far I’ve done about 800 in the last 10 days. I can only do it to one side right now because one left knee is a bit weird, so I feel like my left quad and butt cheek are getting a massive advantage over my right. At any rate, lots of drilling at the beginning of the 10 am and the 5 pm class. I’m starting to do the move in my sleep!

Got some good roll time in today. Started off drilling with our black belt “Steve”, but he got stolen when we switched to roll time. Can’t begrudge it since coach is getting ready for senior/masters worlds next month, and is needing good rolling partners.

I wasn’t neglected however! I can’t remember my first rounds, were overshadowed by my last. Coach threw our brown belt ninja, BT, at me. He’s about my size and has a way of getting armbars from any angle you put yourself in. Last week he got my arms twice before telling me to keep my elbows in. I remembered, and was able to defend this time. The whole round was an exercise in defending – and a very good exercise indeed!

After that, I went to unhook coach’s baby from his car seat – he was a bit unhappy with being ignored during class. So he got a little baby massage during the last round.

I skipped 11:30 class since they had even numbers of big, new white belts. Not a good mix for me.

I went to whole foods and discovered that the vega one protein powder I like was on sale for almost 20 bucks off a large tub. Yay!!! So, of course, I bought two and informed my vegan team mates of the event. Whoot!

Class was great at 5. I got 70 more reps of the x-pass in before rolling started. Unfortunately, coach split me from my drilling partner so I had to sit a round. We had two other girls in class so he told me to grab one of them next. 8 minute rounds, with one minute to switch, and stare down your next opponent.

The newer girl (need to remember her name!) snagged me. She’s a tough, strong little thing! She’s really starting to move a lot better now! I got to work just technique for that round, which was really nice!

Went with the other girl, our other Nicole, next. Eddie Bravo would have been proud of the stoner control and electric collar I put on her. Nice to know it works! She was really going after my guard tonight, working me really hard! Awesome!

Next up was one of our junior black belts. The kid is half my size, but man is he tough! We stood for a while, playing with grips, and then he throws a flying armbar attempt at me. Probably would have worked if I wasn’t taller than him! He’s fast, has amazing technique, and was really going after me today. Tough kid! Breezed past my guard several times, and nearly had me several times!

I was with our new girl again for the last round. She is getting pretty good and shrimping out of mount, and if I relax for any amount of time, she’ll go after a triangle or omoplata. Can’t wait to see her compete!

That was it for class, and I had a massage booked for 6:30, and so ends the training day. Begin again tomorrow!

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