Banned From the Mats Again

X-pass count: 950

Got a good 120 reps of X-pass with Javi at 10, then got busy with sparring. Coach split us up and put Javi with another purple belt, Kenny.

8 minute rounds!

Chad brought down two of his kids to 10 am class. The older one was probably 12-13 and the younger about 8. Older kid was pretty strong and apparently unused to attacking a seated guard (butt scooters unite!). I went with the younger one next – kid is a beast! Fast and really good technique, had to really work my guard technique and not use any muscle power. Now I know how the guys feel rolling with me!

I sat a round as I was left with a newer white belt – and I’m under decree to avoid unless coach gives the okay. I snagged Beastmaster for the last round. He has been out for a few weeks, but has remained my favorite white belts to roll with. Spent most of the time working on maintaining my guard and trying to sweep.

At 11:30 I paired off with Javi again for drilling a sneaky choke from side control. It took several tries before I started to get it, then it was all good. Then roll time!

Javi is one of our most solid purple belts with a solid Judo background. I’ve learned to keep my hips forward and not lean when starting standing with him. He pulled guard and swept me after grip fighting a bit, he didn’t roll hard with me – nice and smooth. Need to work on my base when standing!

Rolled again with Beastmaster. I just went into leech mode guard on him – effective!

Sat the last round, then went off to visit the chiro.

I asked him to take a look at my left knee – it has been a bit weird feeling lately, painful with some movements. He did a few tests of my ligaments and deduced a minor sprain – probably ACL. I’ve also got all kinds of muscle binding around the knee, trying to stabilize it. He did some soft tissue work in my calf that made me laugh hysterically with tears running down my face (yes, my reaction to extreme pain is to laugh. Yes, I know I’m a freak.)

I told coach and he ordered me off the mats until at least Monday. I’m actually relieved. Yea it sucks to not roll, but even I’ll admit I “may” have overdone it a bit the last month. I believe that most injuries spring from ignoring the warning signs your body is flashing at you, and I need to practice what I preach, as a professional body worker, BEFORE I blow out my knee.

The doc told me that I need to start doing some weight training to stabilize my legs. “Your body just doesn’t meet your ambition levels yet.” So strengthen it is! Plus I booked a 2 hour roofing session for myself next thursday before my next chirp appointment. Gonna get a major reconstruction done on my legs!

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