Training Like Mad

Lightweight World Champion?

Lightweight World Champion?

Man this has been a mad crazy training week! 8 min rounds and all!

Today is my last heavy hitting training day before the tournament on Saturday. I’m starting off with a private lesson with my coach – he’s gonna iron out the wrinkles in my game plan.

There were supposed to be 6 of us going, but I’ve determined this tournament to be cursed. Our two top guys are notorious procrastinators and did not get registered in time – they closed registration a day early and I could just pinch their heads. One of the guys popped something really badly in his knee last week, and another one pulled his groin. So that leaves myself and doc purple belt as the healthy ones going. The broken members are still competing – it’s a mixture of stupidity and drive. We’re all a bit like that I’m afraid.

Well, hopefully I’ll avoid getting injured pre-tournament as well! Off I go!

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