Looooong Week+!

Man I feel like it has been forever since I wrote something down! Been so busy getting my office pulled together and training like mad!

I decided that I’m not gonna continue the weight cut to feather for Atlanta next Saturday. I think it’s definitely possible to do, but:

  • I’ve competed at lightweight up until now, and killed it.
  • I haven’t had the stamina to train as hard as I’d like to on such a low carb diet.
    The protein I have to buy (because of my gluten/soy/dairy allergies) is insanely expensive.

  • I want to focus more on training, and less worrying about making weight.
  • I made that decision last Wednesday – boy did I time that just right! Ate a good dinner that night, and breakfast Thursday morning. Went in to train at 10 and coach had clicked into evil mode for the day’s training. 8 min rounds with 1 min rest in between – with coach pairing us up pretty equally in skill/size. 3 people threw up, and I almost made 4. It was awesome! I staggered through the 11:30 class as well, my legs were majorly shaking.

    At 5, we had a repeat of 10. I got paired off with our small, gum chewing black belt. He worked me over really well. Then I got hip tossed quite solidly by our purple neutron star (who is also a judo black belt). I alternated between those two for the class duration.

    I drilled in the no-gi class at 6, but only sparred 1 round. Then I participated in the 7:15 class.

    I might have overdone it a bit…

    Anyhow, it’s been a whirlwind of training up through Tuesday. I was in a pretty fragile mental state (sleep deprivation and family stress), so that made me more physically fragile. In short, I got very well thrashed yesterday – to the point that coach banned me from rolling for today.

    It sucked, but my body was grateful. He promised to beat a bit on me tomorrow. Yay! I did 3 massages at the gym today as well, just because I was there. If that’s any indicator of how it’s gonna go, I’m quite pleased!

    This warrior is going to bed!

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