No Gi Game

Learned lots!

Learned lots!

Well I just got back from training with my friend at Eddie Bravo’s school in Burbank. It was great fun! I definitely need to work on some more no gi techniques when I get home!

I was a bit lost with some of the opening drills – but I really liked this one back take which I’m gonna attempt to describe it. I’m starting standing while my opponent is on their butt.

  • I grab their left wrist with my right hand and pin it to their left hip.
  • Front roll over them, on my left shoulder, while left hand locks in a kimura on their left hand.
  • I land on my left side with the kimura locked, legs straight – keeping their arm down by their hip.
  • They’ll try to roll toward you, and that’s when you swing your legs down for a back take.
  • It’s called a rolling kimura back take. Not sure how clear that was, but it’s enough to refresh my memory.

    Did a lot of butterfly guard sweep drills. I was scolded for: A. Not sitting up in guard (“this isn’t gi where you can be lazy like that!”), B. Not snapping to the clinch position immediately.

    Honestly, coach’s scoldings are a lot scarier than Eddie’s.

    Anyhow, never worked with butterfly guard before. Learned some good stuff! Rule #1, must be sitting upright when clinched!

    Can’t wait to give this stuff a go ’round!

    Anyhow, I rolled a bit with my old team mate but she had to sit out afterward so I found a large guy who was up for a couple rounds. Not sure about ranks since it’s all no gi, but my friend thinks he was a purple belt. He was really good to roll with – no ego so he wasn’t trying to crush me.

    He declared me to be “strong, athletic, and flexible”. Yay! Don’t know how to describe the roll, other than really fun.

    Got a picture with Eddie afterward – he asked me if I was hooked and going for my black belt. Told him it’s like crack to me and that I train more than I actually work. Got a fist bump for that answer.

    Thus concludes the training part of my vacation. They just posted the registrant list for the tournament on Saturday. There are about 30 ladies all together competing. Most of the lightweights are blue belts or in the senior division – so I’m only gonna have a few matches. Brackets go up tomorrow so I’ll know for sure then.

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