Sky High

I am currently on a plane, flying over some part of the midwest. I see a lot of mesas out my window so maybe Arizona?

So since I’ve already slept half of the flight, and am bored of sudoku, may as well write a bit!

I’m so pumped to be on my way to LA! I’ll see my team mate tonight, then train with Eddie Bravo tomorrow. After that, it’s family time, disneyland, then tournament time on Saturday! Eeeee! Only thing that could make this trip more awesome would be if I could eat pizza.

I only brought carry-on luggage, so (as expected) my bag was searched by security. Apparently, large tubs of protein powder and bags of vitamin supplements look rather suspicious on x-ray.

Anyhow, I didn’t get a chance to hit up the gym yesterday. I was so busy getting everything ready to go! Didn’t do so well with my eating plan either – don’t think I had any solid food until after 11 pm. Did still get my protein shakes in every 3 hours, but man – I’d hate to be on a liquid only diet!

Did get to train on Friday, in the morning and the evening. In the morning we didn’t really have an official class, just rolled a bit. One of the guys is moving and it was his last class, so he got jumped and whipped.

The guys were still in a beating mood, so three of them jumped me when I stepped on the mat. They couldn’t pin me, gave up, and just started laughing. Nice to know I could handle myself in a group attack scenario!

I rolled a few rounds with an overly concerned blue belt. He’d get me pinned then get up, afraid of squishing me. I had to keep assuring him that I was fine and would let him know if he was using too much pressure.

That evening we had a small class taught by purple spider. We drilled a few sweeps from spider guard then rolled a few rounds. I got paired up with the same blue belt from earlier. Hoping I can use some of that in my tournament on Saturday!

That is all! My next update will be after training with Eddie, so should be interesting!

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