Tired, But Good

I think the dietary changes all hit me at once today. I managed to sleep for 12 hours last night then went in to roll at 10.

I still didn’t have much energy so was just playing around with one of the guys until coach hollered at me to quit messing around, stand up, and pass his guard. What followed was a pretty ferocious scramble that ended with me playing some de la riva guard. We went at it for about 20 mins before I finally gassed and waved him on to play with someone else.

Talked to coach to see what I should eat before class to give me some energy. He told me to try a teaspoon of honey and a handful of raw almonds 30 mins before class. I’m allowed a total of 22 almonds during the course of the day. Went right out and bought some to test out in the evening classes.

It worked! We just had an open mat sparring session at 5 since coach was busy getting the new gym ready. I drilled a bit with pink gi girl. She was helping me work how to get a triangle from closed guard – not my best move for sure! Also drilled hip escape from mount. I’ve noticed that instead of using my hips, I just turn on my side instead – not entirely useful. Need to drill that more!

I decided to pick a fight with mr lightening blue belt. He is probably one of the most athletic of our blue belts, never seems to slow down or get tired. I love rolling with him because he uses pure technique on people smaller than him.

Good roll! Did well with my guard passing and even tapped him a couple of times. We went for about 20 mins before he went off to roll with another blue belt. No one else seemed too motivated to roll after that so I went to cool off and make sweat angels on the mats.

I “ate” during the no gi class. By eat, I mean almonds and a protein shake. There ended up not really being a 7:15 class since coach was still busy setting up the new gym – so I went home. Need rest anyhow.

Starting to get sick of protein shakes. Need to start testing out some new varieties me thinks – it’s getting very boring. Working though!

Weight: 134.5

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