10 To Go!

Weight cut status: down 5 lbs already and feeling good! Bouncy and still have energy! 10 lbs to go and I think I’m on a pretty good track.

I’m really enjoying this eating schedule. I think I may stick with it even after the tournament – with a little more leniency on the weekends. I think I’m due a cheat meal – but I really don’t want it. At any rate, I’m not hungry – just get occasional cravings.

Been staying on the up slide with my training still. Had a small bump this morning when I allowed myself to be goaded into rolling with someone I shouldn’t – nearly got my jaw broken because I couldn’t tap and he didn’t recognize my foot slapping on his thigh as a tap.

I sat out a round then coach motioned me over to check on me (apparently I looked pissed). I told him I was fine, just got caught and couldn’t tap. He let me roll a round with him and that got me feeling better. He showed me how to do a “crotch rocket” mount (which I used later!)

Next up I rolled with one of the large purple belts. I haven’t rolled with him in quite some time, not since before I broke my rib I think. Anyhow, I quickly remembered how much he loves butterfly guard sweeps. He gave me a new trick (which I also used later!). He told me I’m getting good.

My final match was with a smaller purple belt who was pretty tired. So I (of course) took advantage and used the sweep the purple butterfly had just shown me. Then I went to that crotch rocket mount coach showed me. His favorite mount escape is to bring his feet into my armpits and push me off over his head: and I found with my heels in his hips I could nullify that. Anyhow, he was too worn out and had to take a break after that. He promised to whip me soundly tomorrow.

I was pretty tired myself afterward so I skipped the 11:30 class and went home to eat. I had to get up at 5:30 this morning to open the gym and I just didn’t get enough sleep to keep at it like usual.

It was a slow day at work, so I went back to roll at 5. Coach wasn’t there so it was fairly informal. I rolled with the big blue mountain for about 20 mins. He’s a huge blue belt whose leg is probably about the same weight as me – but he’s very good to roll with. I practice my top game and attacks – and he practices his reguarding skills. It’s a good tradeoff – and has been REALLY helping my movements on top. He said he is noticing improvements himself. Yay for teamwork!!!

I was really beat after that, but I had a friend come in to visit, and I figured I should do something other than sit on the side panting. So I snagged the purple neutron star for a roll. I tried to stay standing and pass – got swept a couple times. I did manage to pass once (briefly), which made me happy; that’s the first time I’ve ever done that. He landed a beautiful toss on me – which I wish had been on video!

After that, I needed food again. So I left to go eat with my friend.

That’s it for today. Highlights of the week:
1. Been getting closer to nailing that snap single takedown.
2. Got a massage yesterday. Still detoxing a bit from that.
3. FINALLY learned how to do a wrestling shot double leg takedown.
4. Lots of new guys coming in – getting to beat up a few of them (nicely of course).
5. The new gym is almost finished! Should be moving soon!

That is all. Need to remember to update every day while I still remember details!

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