New Gym Location!

This week so far has been crazy busy! Finally got the bare bones moved into the gym. We spent all day yesterday hauling everything, painting, and getting the mats down on the floor. We got enough set up to have class this morning, and are working to get the bags up for the kickboxing class tonight.

I’m getting settled into my new office as well. It’s large enough for my massage table, massage chair, comfy sitting chair, and some shelving. They’re installing a dimmer lightswitch today, I think. One guy is bringing in some shelves for me, and another guy is giving me an ion air filter. I’ve had 2 guys offer me massage tables, as well! So overwhelmed!

Anyhow, I got the first opening day roll on the mats today… And I broke my little toe in a mat crack. Fun times! Got it taped up really well for now but it’s turning some really pretty colors.

We have a new girl in class who just transferred from another school. She’s also in the Muy Thai program so I think she’ll stick around! She has been training for 4 months so far, I showed her some of my anti-smash techniques and open guard tricks.

I got a new Gameness Feather to use as a competition only gi. It’s very bright! Need to get a team patch put on it.

Anyhow, gotta get back to settling in! Looks like I have my first new client tomorrow!

Hard to believe my belt used to be that color!

Hard to believe my belt used to be that color!

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