War on Ringworm Won!

I ended up not being able to get the oral medication for the ring worm – without insurance it would have cost me almost 300 bucks. Yikes!

After a couple days of the topical, it started getting worse. So in a fit of desperation I resorted to “barbaric”, non-scientific methods.

Basically, I scrubbed it with my salt scrub, then coated it with liquid bandage.

Two days later, all redness and swelling is gone – and the guys said I can play with them again. Yay! I have yet another reason to love liquid bandage!

I got to watch the UFC fights last nights with a bunch of my team mates! It was awesome! My favorite fight of the night was Griffin vs. Ortiz – we were all cheering for Griffin. (It’s just a given that we also cheered for Silva!)

We were, of course, ALL screaming at Mike Easton – fellow member of team Lloyd Irvin. Wish he’d taken Menjivar down – his ground work is killer. But oh well.

I get to open up the gym tomorrow at 6 am. Gonna do some circuits to get rolling a bit more with this weight cut. Side note: had to buy new jeans. My old ones were falling off me – literally. I tried to run to my car and they just dropped, and thankfully no one saw… I don’t think.

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