So it turns out, what I thought was a latex allergy spot on the side of my knee is actually ringworm. Aaaaahhhh!!!

The doc told me that if I keep it covered I can still train. She said it isn’t “shedding” – whatever that means – ergo, would only transmit to another person through direct contact. I’m a bit iffy on that, the guys seem to equate sharing air space with contamination.

Anyhow, it’s already responding to the meds pretty well – not itching and redness is almost gone. Doc was gonna just give me a topical, but I sweet talked her into a pill as well. I wanted the pill just to make sure nothing else pops up – plus the guys told me it clears up REALLY fast that way.

The gym is closed tomorrow (Happy Independence Day!!!), so we’ll see how it’s doing by Thursday. The guys said the meds usually kill it in a few days, hoping I can train soon!

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