I Figured It Out!

So I finally figured out why I’ve been in a funk lately. I miss my training partner who moved to LA. Now that I know what my problem is, I can deal with it – been doing much better mentally!

The doc got me unkinked, just in time for one of our purple belts (the same one who blackened my eye last roll) to jump all over me and mess it up again. He is going on my “do not roll with” list. And I’m going back to the doc in the morning – I’ve got a lecture coming to me I’m sure!

We’ve got a girl who teaches at another gym who has been coming in a few mornings a week at 10. Some of her guys are helping one of our guys get trained up for an MMA fight on the 20th.

She’s fun to roll with! She’s bigger than me (shocker!), but we seem pretty well matched. Haven’t gone all out like that for a while, and it felt good! She’s pretty tough and got me in a straight ankle lock… Twice… really need to watch for that. She’ll be back tomorrow morning to play some more. Yay!

In other news, I weighed in at 137 yesterday – that’s down 3 lbs in the last week. Yay for fruits/veggies/meat!!!!

I want pasta. Bad.

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