Feeling Better

So the doc told me that looking at my xrays, he’d say I was jumped by a football player, then hit by a car, then fell down a (carpeted) staircase, then finally tripped over my dogs.

I sat out of class for the remainder of the week. I poked a bit with my foot at coach on saturday; he looked at me and said “no, you’ll hurt yourself.”

I’m really looking forward to getting in some training tomorrow! Going stir crazy!

Things to work on in these next few weeks:

Hip escaping from bottom. It’s a concept I’m finally starting to understand: I need to move myself, not my opponent.

Sweeps from guard. My closed guard sweeps just do not exist. If my opponent happens to lean back, I’ve discovered the “bridge them backward and land in mount” sweep, but that’s all I use. Open guard sweeps are getting a bit better, I just need practice. Lots and lots of practice!

Maintaining top control once I get there. Since I’ve spent the last month with a “fight for top position” goal, I now need to work on maintaining position!

I decided I’m going to TRY getting down to 125 for the Chicago opens in August. This means I gotta really watch my diet since I’m about 135 right now. That’s 14 lbs in two months – totally doable (gotta weigh in with gi)

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