All Jacked Up

So I went in to see coach’s REAL chiropractor this morning. He did a pretty comprehensive evaluation, took a bunch of xrays, and declared me to be “all jacked up”. He also knew exactly who the guy was that mucked me up and had this to say about him “THAT guy? Are you serious? He is just full of himself!”

Anyhow, he told me that I need to talk to an attorney. At bare minimum, this guy should have to pay for my correctional care. I also need to report him to the licensing board.

Anyhow, main problems are that my spine is twisted and my hips are severely rotated, with the right one up higher than the other – SI joint is ANGRY. Ribs are ridiculously sensitive, can’t flex or rotate to the right. Also can’t take pressure to the sternum. That’s the short list.

Doc was able to even out my hips, but my ribs were too sensitive to really work on my thoracic area.

I’m gonna go see him again in the morning so he can show me my xrays and what exactly has happened to me. I’ll try to take pictures of anything spectacular.

He later texted my coach and told him I need an attorney and that my hips and spine are really horrible.

I just watched class today. We’re working on N/S bottom escapes this week and I just can’t do the twisting motions. I was getting pretty grumpy, but then coach let me roll a couple rounds with him. It was fun! Was working on fighting off his grips, kept me from getting swept as much!

Anyhow, time to wash gis and get some shut eye. Side note: I’m ordering a new gi from Storm Kimonos. A girl at the NAGA Memphis was wearing one and it was awesome – and IBJJF approved! Will make an great competition gi!

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