Injuries and Lightbulbs

Some guy brought his chiro into the gym on Saturday to give free adjustments. Of course, I jumped on that! Found out too late that the guy is an idiot. Now my ribs are jacked up – can’t bend, inhale deeply, or take any pressure. He messed up a few of the guys as well and now, even the most peaceful among us wants to injure this guy.

This chiro dude claimed to be my coach’s chiro, and coach is furious – as he’d never heard of the guy. Coach hooked me up with his actual chiro – got me an appointment for tomorrow morning. He’s gonna x-ray and see what exactly this creep did to me.

At any rate, I haven’t been able to roll this week. Barely able to drill really. Did get to do some light, very limited, rolling today with one of our small brown belts. Made me feel alive!

I did learn a lot watching class tonight though. Watching everyone else getting yelled at to “hip escape” really helped some of my brain cells click. Can’t wait to try rolling again! I’m gonna try to obey what the doc tells me tomorrow. Hope it’s fixable!

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