Goal Of The Week Is…

Well I overslept the 6:30 class this morning. Of course coach texted me to let me know that 3 people showed up for it. I just KNEW the one time I missed, someone would actually show up! Oh well.

Showed up at 10 and got my ass kicked by our brown belt instructor, then one of our “almost brown” purple belts. One of the guys took video with his ipad, so I get to relive it over and over again since he’s emailing it to me.

Basically, still need to work on my hip escaping from bottom. I downright suck at it! After getting beaten up soundly, I skipped the 11:30 class and went home to shower before work.

It was good! I need to get beaten up more! Eventually I’ll stop making the same mistakes over and over again.

This week’s goal: hip escape from bottom. I think I’ll try putting myself in bad positions just so I can practice getting out!

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