Just A Little Beat Up

I didn’t even have the energy to type up a post before crashing last night!

Tuesday was pretty tiring, started off with drilling class at 11:30. We were drilling the smash pass from half guard and I think I got that one down pretty well – needs a few thousand more reps but got a good start. I didn’t think I was using a whole ton of pressure, but my drilling partner said it was pretty incredible. I think when I sit out on one hip, with my knee in their hip, it really increases my leverage.

Rolled a couple rounds – and did really well! Managed to lock in a kimura from guard – he rolled around a bit, and I finished it as a mousetrap americana in mount.

Almost landed a triangle on another guy – he said he’s gonna have to go harder on me now. Eeep!

I decided I would ride my bicycle to class that evening. It’s an 8 mile, hilly ride – and I haven’t ridden a bike in over 12 years. It wasn’t a bad ride, although I did come into our tough sparring class with less than fresh legs.

Got very soundly beaten up. Highlight of the evening was being utterly smashed under one of our purple belts. He has been after me for giving up the bottom too easily. I promised I would never pull guard on him again. He replied “it’s not that you pulled guard. It’s that when I went down, you sat down too.” He proclaimed he hasn’t given up on me yet – which is very much appreciated. Don’t know what my mental problem is!

Ate oatmeal during no gi, then jumped into the 7:15 class. Did ok up until rolling time – I really did try my darndest to stay on top, but it just didn’t work. I got frustrated and had to walk off the mats and be done rolling for the night.

The bike ride home was extraordinarily long. Don’t think I’m gonna ride to evening classes again – that ride was just not safe!

Woke up Wed morning for 6:30 class and was not too sore! Apologized to coach for getting frustrated the night before “it happens” was his reply.

There were people in class! 4 white belts showed, and a blue belt came in late! Coach is really trying to build the early morning class up. We drilled a half guard pass for use when someone pops up a knee shield – I managed to get it live! Usually am not able to!

The soreness started kicking in a couple of hours later, so I skipped the 11:30 class in favor of a nap. Had a full schedule at work anyhow!

And that brings it all up to date. I’m gonna keep trying to play on top – eventually it’ll click! Most of the time I don’t even realize I’m in a dominant position, which makes it difficult to realize when I’m giving it up! Other times, I don’t think I have the move and give it up too soon. It’s just gonna take time – which sucks. I want everything now! Oh well – just means I’ll REALLY appreciate it once I do finally “get it”!

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