Power Ranger Girls!

Again, just the big guys at 10 again – so I watched until gi class started at 11:30.

We drilled a simple sweep from closed guard – it’d be a great one to demoralize your opponent with how easy it was. Then we rolled a bit. We had odd numbers and not too many appropriate sparring partners for me, so I got two good rolls in then sat out.

One of the guys I went with is a very large (200 lb) blue belt – one of the few big guys I feel safe rolling with. He’s very technical and I just learned he’s a Sambo guy as well. I also just learned that he’s moving out of state – very sad. He did, however, promise to teach me some cool leg tricks before he leaves!

Class at 5 was fairly small. I teamed up with one of the purple belts and we practiced another sweep from an open spider/de la riva guard. It was cool, although I like the one I learned tuesday better!

He mopped the mat with me when we started rolling. I did actually make an attempt at a takedown. Didn’t work, but I tried! He got me with a pretty solid kimura. I tapped, then asked him what I could have done to get out. He said I could turn onto that arm – I’d be giving up my back, but it would be better than tapping. Live another few seconds!

We had another girl in class so I went with her next. She’s just coming back from a torn pectoral muscle. A minute into it, she tweaked it so we stopped and I put some tiger balm on it for her. She took a break for the rest of the round.

Next I got to play with my BBB. We went for two rounds and he was really going after my left arm – I must have been waving it in his face or something. Anyhow, he finally got it – so he was happy!

At 7:15 we went over a fun sweep from guard when they manage to open your guard while sitting and get a knee up in the center. Loved that one!

There were two other girls in class today. And we all had non-standard issue gi colors. Pink, bright yellow, and I sported lavender. We’re on our way to a power rangers team!

Odd numbers in class, so coach joined the fun and tossed me around for a bit. He said it’s hard to keep me still without using pressure – good thing! Then he decided to try choking me with my belt – I told him “no!” He got me pretty tired! He proclaimed himself winner but I told him he can’t prove that without video footage.

I went with one of the girls after that. She’s larger than me, so she squished me pretty well. However, thanks to patience, I managed to get her with a cross choke.

Went with the other girl afterwards. She’s closer to my size so we got to move around a bit more. Got her with the cross choke pretty quickly, then managed to play top for the rest of the round.

Both of the girls started before I did. One 6 months, the other 1 1/2 years. So I was pleased with myself.

Sleep time! Just one more week of training before NAGA! Yay!

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