Position of the week is guard bottom. So I’ll be getting plenty of practice in with sweeps! Yay!

Yesterday I watched the guys roll at 10, then played a bit at 11:30. Learned a sick spider guard sweep that I am definitely putting in my tool belt! Got to roll with one of our purple belts (who is heading off to Worlds!), and it was fun! I managed to get him off base a couple of times – which gave me a confidence boost. Just need to start popping up faster once I get a sweep!

The other guys in class were big white/blue belts – and we had odd numbers – so I sat out. Then coach motioned me over and tossed me around for a few minutes. Made him laugh a few times – which means I was doing well.

At 5:00, I got one round in and then sat out – again, odd numbers and no one seemed inclined to play with me. However, my thursday BBF came today and rolled around with me on the side while the no gi class was going on. Caused a bit of commotion because he had MRSA last week, but the doc cleared him – so I’m not too worried.

The kineseotape worked it’s way off my knees during rolling. I guess the combination of 90+ degrees, high humidity, constant friction, and rivers of sweat was just too much for it. Gonna go back to my old brand – it stayed on better.

At 7:15 we drilled the same spider guard sweep – for about 30 mins. I’ll be doing that one in my sleep! Because of the knees, and a severe blood sugar crash, I (once again) sat out from rolling. Need to buy some fruit to carry with me!

I broke down and bought a lightweight knee brace last night to try out. It really does help! Gonna get another one for the other knee.

I went in this morning at 6:30 and found two new white belts from a school in Clarksville. Sounds like they are gonna be regulars during the summer! Yay!

We drilled a tripod, and a sickle sweep from an open guard. I’m really focusing on coming up on top after sweeping – think it’s gonna pay off soon!

At 10 I was official timekeeper for the guys again. We’re getting pretty close to their fights! I was given a hard time for not yelling the time very loudly – coach is threatening to call me “Hooks”. It’s a movie reference that they had to explain to me. I could dig it!

The 11:30 intro class was once again full of big new white belts (imagine that!) So I just headed home to rest a bit before work. Live to fight another day!

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