Got to drill a full on bravo choke this morning at 6:30. I’ve almost gotten that one a few times live – but it just didn’t flow as easily as it should have. So it was nice to get some correction!

At 10 I got to do some no gi training with our mma girl. Normally I trade off rolling with one of our smaller guys, but he wasn’t there today. So it was just me and her. Good news is that my arms didn’t get so tired this time – I think this no gi stuff is really building some muscle endurance. I should try taking a no gi class or two so maybe I’ll get some ideas of what in the world to do when I can’t wrap someone up with their gi!

After an hour of that, I had no energy left for the 11:30 class – so I went to eat Thai food and take a nap before my 5:00 massage client arrived.

I’m thinking of training a bit tomorrow. Normally I take Saturdays off but the gym is closed on Monday. Think I’ll just wait and see what time I wake up!

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