3rd Belt Stripe!

So was pretty surprised, but coach gave me my 3rd belt stripe after today’s 11:30 class! I was told it’s usually 4-6 months between stripes – so I must be doing something right!

Anyhow, back to business.

Just watched again at 10. At 11:30 we drilled a gi choke from side control top. It felt pretty rusty until one of our purple belts smoothed it out for me – then it was slick!

Rolled a couple of rounds. My last roll was with my purple belt spider guard friend. I did all right, he let me play around and move. One thing I’ve had happening is people just lying on their sides to keep me from playing spider guard. I asked him about this and he said to just come up and take mount since they’re asking for it and saving me the trouble of sweeping them.

Line up, third stripe for Nicholle, yay/pats on back, moving on.

Went back at 5 for some more rolling. I got beat up pretty thoroughly. One of our very energetic blue belts kept me moving for a couple rounds. Then I got snagged by a brown belt instructor and was shredded finely. Man I was tired after that!

I managed to tweak my left knee a bit, so I took the time between classes to (once again) kinesiotape my knee. Also downed some partially frozen gatorade – yummy!

At 7:15 we drilled a fun counter from side control top – if they manage to get all the way on their side, it’s a slick spin to flatten them out from the other side.

Had a couple fun rolls! Went with the same energetic blue belt again – managed to keep him at bay for a little while before he managed to smash pass me. Finished off with one of our purple belts who is off to IBJJF Worlds next week. He’s a Judo fiend and is REALLY good at playing with body weight. I think that’s the hardest he has rolled with me so far! Twas fun! Afterwards, he admonished me “use your weight more!” Normally I’d retort “what weight” – but he weighs the same as me, so I could only nod. If he can do it, so can I!

We had a blue belt test at the end of class. Two new blue belts in the ranks. Aaaaaayyyyy!

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