Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

Pretty low key the last few days. Coach has been having me sit out of rolling because he wants my sore spots to heal up for this tournament on the 12th. Most of the classes lately have been full of large white and blue belts – the type that crush me.

I have gotten some good practice in between classes with some of the upper level belts. On wed (the 2nd) I played for a bit with one of the black belts at the 10 am class. I was his warm up. He encouraged me to really “snap” into a triangle from my open/spider guard. He said that move is “gold” for me.

On Thurs I drilled in the classes and watched the rolling as well. After the 5pm class, I snagged one of the brown belts to play with. We went non-stop for the next hour. The last time I rolled with him, he told me I need to start recognizing an opening and to go for it.

I learn a lot rolling with him! Afterward, he told me I was doing a lot better (got that triangle “snap” a few times). He said to stop hesitating and just go for it. Even if I miss – he said my re-guard is quick enough that I’ll get my position back no problem.

Only one other person showed up for the next class – so coach put us to work with drills; terry underwood pass, then the re-guard. The rest of class we drilled coach’s #1 sweep back and forth.

I’m gonna start bringing a snack with me. My blood sugar plummeted halfway through the last class – apparently I turned quite white and scared my partner.

At 6:30 on Friday, I got to train with one of the guys. He had me drill a couple chokes from the back (including one using my foot!), then did some positional rolling. He said coach has to stop teaching me things because I’m learning them too well.

He seems to think that if I win the tournament on the 12th that coach will give me my third stripe – dunno about that since I just got my second – but I’m gonna kick butt anyhow!

Taking the rest of Friday, and the weekend, off – per coach’s recommendation. Gonna hit it again Monday morning!

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