This week we have been working in the guard. Posture and passing is the name of the game. This will come in handy on Saturday!

I’ve been going fairly easy so far this week. My ribs are feeling a bit less sore, and after kinesiotaping my knees, they’re about 90 percent better.

Got some rolfing work done yesterday – compliments of my old massage instructor. He said the lateral sides of my legs are much tighter than the medial, probably what is putting the extra strain on my knees. I’m blaming all the open guard I’ve been playing. So I’ll be doing a lot of lateral hamstring and shin stretches so keep that balanced out.

My abdominal obliques on my right side are really tightened up. He said it’s like my body is a tin can that has had a dent kicked into it. Lots more stretching – and another session after the tournament.

I felt so good after that session that I just couldn’t help myself. I decided to play a bit at the 7:15 pm class that evening. Didn’t do anything too intense – just moving around and feeling things out.

We had a guy visiting from out of town. He teaches Aikido in Georgia and has just started getting into BJJ – had fun rolling a bit with him – he really liked my spider guard.

I just finished with my 6:30 am class and weight sets. Coach had to run out so I’m guarding the castle right now – depending on what time he gets back I may just hang until 10 if I can scrounge up some food.

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