Equal Footing

Did more back escape drills today, then we got to roll for a bit. Us (two) girls got to stick together while the boys swapped out. After the first round, coach had us starting out in each other’s closed guards.

We’re a pretty even match, so we wore each other out! I managed to get a cross choke in place but she defended well and I wasted a lot of grip strength on that. Neither of us got a sub out of the 3 rounds we did – closest I got was that cross choke and setting up a ghost arm bar just as time was called. I think I’m getting better maintaining my guard though!

It definitely takes more energy to roll with someone your same size and skill level. I love it, and hate it at the same time!

Went back at 5 and got totally crushed by the guys. I was introduced to a toe hold as well – apparently my ankle is fairly flexible and that was good since I didn’t know I needed to tap to that! Thankfully the guy had enough common sense to stop and inform me that I needed to tap before he snapped my foot in half.

I ordered some ear guards that should be here by monday. They’re the kind that look like a headband with a chin strap – so pretty non-invasive. I don’t think I’ll wear them all the time – but if I’m sparring with guys who smash me, totally gonna!

One of coach’s brown belts, who teaches at another school, popped in for some roll time toward the end of 5. He was very disappointed that everyone seemed too tired to roll after. So I told him I had some fight left in me.

We rolled non-stop through the next class hour. Twas fun! He is actually the same size and weight as I am and wasn’t trying to smash me. He told me I’m doing very well with my hip movements but need to be more aware of openings for subs.

Coach bragged on me and told him I’m gonna be his next world champ once he gets the basics beaten into me. Yay!?

I still had energy left for the next class, although I had to sit out after the first drill. I think the smashing at 5 pulled a rib muscle and it was getting fairly painful to twist. That’s how it felt for the week before I broke a rib – I ignored it and then it broke. I’m gonna listen this time!

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