Working At The Gym?!

I was very happy this morning to find that there were two other people who showed up for the 6:30 class! They were big boys (bigger than me at any rate!), so they drilled together and I got to play with coach.

We were practicing escaping from a back take. 3 levels – without grips locked in, with one, and then with both. We drilled for a while and then drilled live. Coach was having fun strangling me – and he got free of me pretty quickly, although I was able to hold onto him for a few seconds once.

At 10:30 we had a whole training camp of new people. 10:30 is mainly no gi stuff right now since we have people getting ready for XFC fights in June (one of our guys is the headliner!). There is one other girl training for a fight as well, so coach had me rolling with her for about 30 mins. No gi is definitely more slippery once you get warmed up. Still had fun!

In the 11:30 class, I skipped group warm ups since sweat was still pouring down by back after rolling earlier. We worked the half guard bottom position today. Practiced a cool arm drag back take when they wizard, kimura, and a sweep. The guy I was drilling with showed me how the way I was getting his back set me up perfectly to pull off a twister to make Eddie Bravo proud – it felt very bendy and fun!

My ear is still fairly sore, although not as swollen. A team mate said he has some nice ear guards I can have for rolling when my ears are sore. He said they’re the soft headband type ones – not the crazy dominatrix ones with 12 straps and hunks of plastic sticking 3 inches out the sides of your head.

Some of the guys seem offended that I want to keep my ears “pretty”. I told them “I am still a girl and as such, I have to retain the ability to clean up and look cute if the situation calls for it.”

It’s a very light day at work, just have one massage to do at 7:45. I was gonna go in for sparring at 5, but decided to rest and take a nap instead. Tomorrow is an all day training day, so I’m just gonna let my body chill out.

Cool news! My gym is moving to a bigger/better location and coach told me this morning he is putting in a room for me to do my massages out of. So I’ll be spending even more time there! Yay!

So if it picks up really well working at the gym, I’ll probably drop my wed evening shift at the spa – then possibly my friday. I wouldn’t want to drop my spa job because I just enjoy working there, but I’d cut back if I needed to.

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