Need Earguards!

Had some fun this morning at 10. A couple of blue belts were visiting from out of town and, boy! Could they smack talk up a storm!

I took a turn rolling with each of them. I impressed them enough that they told coach about it and I think he popped a few buttons. Wore one guy out, and managed a back take on the other. I had a reverse x choke thing sunk in deep but I couldn’t get the angle to finish it. He told me after I should have switch to a B/A choke and I would have had it easy. Stupid tunnel vision!

At 11:30 we drilled back take escapes. What made it fun was that instead of doing it sitting up, we started in turtle and had someone jump on us from there – then we had to reguard after escaping.

In roll time, I went with another girl. We started standing but after 5 minutes we just sat down because neither of us could take down the other. I ended that match with an in guard cross choke. Been nailing that fairly frequently lately.

Then I got stuck with one of my least favorite blue belts. Every time I roll with him I end up hurt. This time it was a bloody lip and a smashed ear. The lip I can deal with but my ear got a bit swollen and angry. Not quite bad enough to drain but enough to make me want ear guards – getting some tomorrow! Frozen grapes are wonderful for ice and compression, and the steroid ointment I have helps as well.

I ended up just hanging out for class at 6. Then I rolled with one of our black belts for a bit before class at 7:15. He said that I and Luci have the best open guard he has ever seen in a couple of white belts. We didn’t have enough people show for 7:15 to have an actual class, so it turned into a “teach Nicholle new tricks” session. He showed me a pass that I was set up for several time and just didn’t see – and also chided me for not sweeping him when I had him in deep half guard. Also he said I think too much when I’m in open guard – “need to just go for it baby!”

All in all, good training day. Hope this ear settles down by tomorrow!

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