Private Lesson!

Whew! It has been an interesting week so far! Monday started out rather bummerish. Didn’t get to roll at 6:30 and nearly had my head twisted off by a new kid at 11:30. We have some mma fights coming up in June so the guys are spending most of the time doing non-stop no gi at 10. Let’s just say I’m too small to play with them.

However, my schedule worked out to where I was able to get a private lesson with coach at 3:30. He asked what I want to work on. The holes I see so far, are that I suck at takedowns, and working from closed guard. Also, rolling with one of the black belts at 10, he paused and told me “sweep! Before I settle!” And I suddenly realized I know squat about sweeps.

Yea, I’ve got a lot to work on; but a lifetime to do so!

Anyhow, I’m avoiding takedowns – still babying that rib – so we worked on closed guard attacks and sweeps. Sequence is as follows:

  • #1 sweep
  • Scissor sweep
  • If their base is good, try to kick their leg out from under them to sweep.
  • Bring top leg up, over their arm and push into their chest/neck while pulling their collar. When they move their arm to counter, snap into triangle.
  • If they try to posture up and move around, lasso the arm and sweep into kob.
  • If they post and prevent lasso sweep, granby under into omnoplata.
  • If you feel you’re losing it, open guard and play some spider to maintain control.
    Coach says he always has a sequence from every position, and he checks them off one by one.
  • My last massage of the night cancelled, so I was able to make it for the 7 pm class. Twas much funner than the morning go!

    More turtle maneuvering drills (that’s this week’s position). Then we sparred. There were 3 of us girls so coach had us swapping out with each other. One of the girls is doing an mma fight in June so coach had us beating on her pretty well. I was focusing on staying relaxed and found it was so much easier to roll. I think I even closed my eyes a few times! Good times!

    I did have a stupid moment. Had that triangle setup that coach showed me earlier, but I was pinning her sleeve so she couldn’t pull her arm out to give me the triangle. Yea, I felt like a dunce!

    I’ve been thinking of skipping the intro gi class on mon and wed. Every injury I’ve had so far has been in that class – with all the big new guys who know no control. Asked coach about it. He said he wants me to be more picky who I roll with – and stay away from new guys until I’m at least a purple belt. If it means I have to sit out, he told me to do it. There’s always gonna be another roll time.


    Tuesday morning was low key. Just watched the guys roll at 10 then did class at 11:30. Rolled a couple of rounds – did okay when I didn’t let guys smash me.

    Went back a bit early and checked in with one of my buds. He’s a big ole ufc fighter turned trainer. I go to him for advice on weight training and nutrition (and for REALLY big hugs!). He put me on a weight routine that has really helped with my shoulder stability! He is always after me to be careful who I train with as well.

    Class was really small. Myself and two blue belts. Coach told them to let me drill what he taught me the day before, then they could spar a bit. He left us to it.

    One dude was totally cool – I’ve worked with him quite a bit and learn a lot. Other dude went spastic on me while I was trying to drill. Tossing me around and wristlocking me pretty aggressively. After a few mins I walked off the mat and told them to have at it. I watched for a bit and he wasn’t being a spazz to the other guy – so I guess he just doesn’t know how to chill and train with a girl. So I’m adding him to my list of people to avoid training with.


    Wednesday (today) was pretty low key. At 6:30 it was just myself, another white belt, and coach. We spent the whole hour drilling one move from turtle. Knee up to hip and spin out to guard. Pretty basic – and I will probably be doing it in my sleep tonight. He didn’t let us spar because of size difference.

    Watched the guys pummel each other again at 10 – need someone my size to show up already!

    At 11:30 – I decided to join the intro class after pairing up beforehand with the lone blue belt I’ve rolled with before.

    First, we drilled an armbar from back control. It’s not something to use in place of a choke, since it puts you off the back. But it’s useful as a surprise in the last 10 seconds of a fight.

    Next we flattened the turtle. And chicken winged each other’s arms. I think the guy I was with was enjoying this move a little TOO much. He kept snickering about how wrong he felt doing it to me.

    Next, instead of just flattening the turtle, learned a cool choke that we couldn’t figure out what to name.

  • On the person’s back with your hooks in, go for an over the shoulder choke with your right arm.
  • They grab your arm and move from the right, to the left side of their neck – preventing the gi grab.
  • Shoot your right arm deep to come out under their right armpit.
  • Right hook goes deep, trapping leg, while left hooks swings off – and you sit on your butt on the mat to their right side.
  • Left hand grabs right hand and apply choke.
  • Anyhow, it was fun – although I’m starting to think the guy I was paired with has a bit of interest in me beyond bjj. For the sake of reducing awkwardness – I may add him to my list of people to not spar with. Which makes me sad because he’s a good technical fighter. Ah well.

    Tomorrow is gonna be a good day!

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