End Of Training Week

I ended up going to class Wed night – since I wasn’t booked any massages. Got a little roll time in!

We had yet another blue belt visiting from out of town. He utterly frustrated me because he refused to actually roll with me – because I’m a girl. I know my guys have to be careful since I’m more breakable than they are, but at least they still make me work! This guy just turned into a statue and refused to attack or move at all – then proceeded to “coach” me through moves like I was an idiot. I put in more than twice the training time than what this guy does. I deserve some respect.


That said, I’m grateful for the guys I usually train with. They respect me and teach me new stuff in a non-condescending sort of way.


On thursday I had an awesome time!

Went to team training at 10. Got to roll with one of our brown belt instructors for about 10 mins. Yea, he had me twisted up in knots. It was cool though because he was going harder on me than he has before – must mean I’m getting better! And I managed to get out of a few of his submissions.

I was a bit nervous about my rib, so I was trying to stay on my right side to guard it – but that was the most I’ve put onto it so far and it held up well.

After my tenderizing, I went into the frying pan. I’d been itching and asking for it since I got broken and I finally got a beating from my coach!

I did have a flash of fear about 10 seconds into it. Never had that rolling with anyone else, but I suddenly realized just how easily he could kill me if he wanted to. Guess it’s a healthy respect to have, and there is a big difference between “could” and “would”. Anyhow, flash quickly passed.

Yea he was going easy on me for sure – but he made me work! Afterward he declared that I’m gonna be a beast.


We had another blue belt test at the 11:30 class! It was great fun! Our blue belt tests consist of three parts:

  • 15 minutes of non-stop sparring, with a fresh new partner every minute or so.
  • The belt whipping, where they crawl across the mat while we whip them with our belts. (Black belts each get 5 in before they start crawling)
  • The belt presentation, high fives, and examination of welts from the whipping.
  • About halfway through the sparring, coach asked me if I felt okay to join in. I told him “I want a piece of that!” So he smiled and told me to jump on his back and have at it. The guy was pretty gassed by then so I decided to stir up his adrenaline a bit. I succeeded and got him re-energized. He made it all the way through, ending his last round on top! Yay!

    I ended up not going to class in the evening. I got a doozy of a migraine – I’d prefer that freshly broken rib pain over that headache. Not fun at all!


    That brings me to friday (today!)

    In the early morning class, it was just myself and our newest white belt again. We did some more knee on belly chokes – he told me he feels weird practicing on me since I’m a woman. I told him not to worry about it, I’m just a drilling partner.

    I understand it’s gotta be weird for some of the guys – and I consider it a good thing that they feel wrong practicing choking a small female. But they’ll get over it in class – either that or just avoid me. And I’m cool with that. I’ve noticed that none of the upper level belts have a problem beating up on me, so I guess they just get used to it.

    Cool note: coach was bragging to the new guy about what a “beast” I am, and that I’m gonna make a great instructor too. Nice thinking ahead there!

    I couldn’t stay for very much of the team training class because I work an earlier shift on fridays. But I did get to drill a back take from the terry underwood guard pass. Sweet stuff!

    Now I begin my weekend off from training. Get to hit it again on monday with 6:30a class, a private lesson with coach, 10a, and 11:30a class. Yay!

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