Better Than Ever

Just gotta say: so good to be back rolling again!

We had two blue belt tests yesterday (yay Nate and Turtle!) It’s not like belts tests at my old TKD school I went to as a kid. Coach gives you promotions as you earn them in application (sparring, competition, etc) – the test is a rite of passage more than an actual graded test.

First off, it’s 20 minutes in the shark tank. Everyone takes turns attacking the initiate, not giving them a second of rest. Fresh partner every couple minutes. (We almost had some vomit this time!) Phase 2 is the whipping. The victim, er, team mate gets on their hands and knees while everyone removes their belts. The black belts each get 5 licks first, then everyone joins in as promotee crawls from one end of the mat to the other and then back. Bonus points if they squeal. Belts are then awarded and everyone crowds around to play “count the welts”.

Adding this to my “things to look forward to” list.

I’m feeling lazy and not wanting to list techniques step by step anymore. If anything exceptionally awesome and cool pops up I’ll list it.

Got to roll hard last night! Felt so good! I did 3 rounds and a think I’m definitely better than before. Coach said I was “really moving good out there”. I can’t take pressure on that right side yet, but I make sure I roll with guys who have enough control to stay off it.

In class this morning (6:30a), it was just me and a new guy. Twas his first class – so coach let me kinda teach a bit. Showed him how to shrimp, and escape to belly. Then worked with him on cross choke from knee on belly. Listens well and catches on quickly – he’s gonna do well!

I’ll be heading back to train some more in an hour. Coach is gonna give me a private lesson on Friday after 6:30a class. Yay!


I took it easy for the rest of training today. Did a couple rolls at 10, a round of grip fighting, then chilled until 11:30 class. I ended up sitting out of 11:30 though since the class was drilling takedowns and full guard/back escapes – two things I’m still avoiding. I used the time to do my strength training stuff. Those hanging leg raises suck!

That’s it for today! Tomorrow I’m hitting it harder. I don’t want to over-do it and reinjure myself so I’m trying to be smart and reign myself in.

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