Took Longer Than I Thought…

Well I finally got a good roll in at 10 today! I wasn’t rusty at all – and it’s actually easier to roll than to drill. With drilling I can work around the rib since I know what movements and positions I can and cannot do. I got tapped once, and avoided many more subs. Not bad since I was going against a purple belt instructor!

I did pay for that roll with an amazing black eye. See picture below! It turned purple almost instantly and has been darkening all day. I’m actually surprised I’ve made it this long without facial bruises… Can’t wait to see how it looks tomorrow!

The position of the week is knee on belly. So at 6:30a class, we went over achieving kob, and then an armbar from kob. For the kob from side control on their right side:

  • Maintain head control by applying pressure across their face with your left shoulder.
  • Use your right hand to feed the bravo to your left.
  • While holding the bravo, place your right hand on their left hip and do a push up, sliding your left knee onto their upper chest by their chin.
  • Plant your right knee in their belly, posting the left foot back to keep the hips open and based. Maintain bravo grip.
  • Extra points for pulling with the bravo while grinding the knee in!
  • Armbar from this position if they try to push you off with their right hand:

  • Grab their sleeve with your right hand and pull their arm up and under your right arm.
  • Release the bravo grip and post your left hand back while your left leg swings over their head and knee slides off to their right side.
  • Apply armbar like you know how to by now
  • I already shared 10a class happenings, so on to 11:30a

    Learned a new take down that I can’t put into words properly. And also two back escapes that I couldn’t practice due to rib pressure. Oh well – maybe next time!

    Tomorrow I don’t work so I’ll be hitting competition team training at 10a, then advanced gi at 11:30a. 5p is our tough roll class – not quite healed enough for that yet, but I’ll go to watch (and heckle!). No-gi is at 6 – may join that one. Then we have another advanced gi class at 7:15, with extended sparring until 8:30/45ish.


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