Go for Roll!

Coach let me roll around with one of our brown belts Tuesday evening – just to move around and see how it felt. Nothing hurt so he said he’ll let me do some light rolling next week. “No setbacks” is what my orders are.

I felt a little rusty, but by the end of class last night I was feeling much better! Coach taught us the move that he won his gold round with. It’s a really simple way to get both your hooks in (points!) When they are really curling up their top leg to guard. Starting attacking their turtle from their right side:

  • Always keep pressure on them and try for a choke, but if they defend their neck well, just grab the back of their collar.
  • Put your left foot above and between their feet (you can pull their butt up using their belt if you need to).
  • Right knee shoots into their side.
  • Roll them backwards at an angle (turtle is weak at angles). As you roll, your left foot peels their right shin away and you slide your right hook in and lock it down.
  • First order of business, secure a grip on their upper body. I use a seatbelt grip.
  • They then curl their left leg up to prevent you from getting the second hook in. So…
  • Plant your left foot on top of your right, stretch them out using full extension, then quickly slip your hook in.
  • Listen to them curse you under their breath.
  • Continuing with the choke:

  • Leave the hook in just long enough to get your points, then take it out, locking down their bottom (right) leg.
  • I already have my seatbelt grip over their right shoulder, so it’s easy to switch to collar grips now.
  • Right hand grips the left collar as deep as possible. Left hand grabs the right collar.
  • Figure 4 legs and come up on right elbow. Use jerky motions to pull your right elbow back, and pull your left arm straight toward their groin.
  • Listen as their cursing turns to gurgles
  • It was a pretty slick move! I found a blue belt my size to work with and he told me he looks forward to rolling with me when I’m good to go.

    Looking forward to Monday morning!

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