NAGA and Pan Ams!

Okay, biggest news: my coach just won gold at Pan Ams! So awesome! He just dominated – made the other black belts in his division look like newbies!

At NAGA I was barely able to refrain from competing. Almost everyone from my team placed – with a whole lot of first places being called out. I’m sure we got ourselves a team award.

I got to scope out my competition, and I’m gonna tear them up at NAGA Memphis in June. I had a team mate in that category and she took home gold in no gi, and silver in gi. We determined that for June, she’s gonna drop to featherweight and let me handle lightweight. We’d rather not try to kill one another when we can just spread out.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow! I get to rejoin class! I’m now able to do pull ups and handstands without any pain/pulling. I’ll go easy and see how it feels.

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