Pan Ams

Just sent our team off to Pan Ams. We’re sending about 15 from our school and they all promised to kill everyone (go team Lloyd Irvin!)

Coach said I’ll be going next year for sure – just have spend the next year getting my feet wet with other tournaments.

I’m gonna start some light training next Monday. I’m able to do forward, and back rolls, handstands, side planks, etc – all without pain. I can do a pull up, but it does make me feel a bit poked in the side – skipping that for a while. All in all, I think I’m healing up pretty quickly.

So next week I think I’ll just be doing light drill work and see how it feels. If I feel good with a week of that, I may try some light rolling the next week. I definitely don’t want to re-injure and put myself out again! If all goes well – I hope to be back to 100 percent by the end of April.

I was talking with one of my team mates earlier today and he helped me see this time out as a good thing. Since all I can do is watch and visualize, I’ll probably come back even better – since I’m learning to think through a match.

I did a massage on coach after class tonight – so when he gets back from Pan Ams he’s going to give me another private lesson. Yay for trade outs!

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