Sports Evaluation

So far so good this week! I’ve been going to class, doing warm ups, and some drills. Thankfully this week we are drilling turtle attacks so no takedowns.

Really been hitting this clock choke to bow and arrow transition – it’s pretty sweet. If attacking turtle from their right side:

  • Keep weight heavy on their low back so you can feel if they shift their weight.
  • Pummel your left hand under their left arm and grab their collar, pulling it tight and keeping your elbow high to prevent them from grabbing it.
  • Right hand slides between their hand and neck (like you’re shaking their hand), to grab the left collar.
  • Left hand releases their collar and drops down to grab their left forearm, pinning it to the floor.
  • Slide your hips forward to the back of their head, with the left leg leading.
  • Put your head on the mat to the left of their head and walk your feet in a circle – leading with the left.
    If they feel this coming and try to roll onto their back – rolling into you (if they roll the other way gives you their back):

  • As you feel them roll, maintain your right hand collar grip and scoot back, shooting your knee up inside your right elbow – behind their neck.
  • Left hand grabs their left pant leg and you sit out and pull with arms for the choke.
  • You can also bounce back and forth if they keep rolling. Eventually they’ll mess up.

    I was evaluated by a sports doctor/chiro yesterday. I asked for a head to toe eval so I could know what I need to work on for injury prevention. Results:
    Overall in really good condition. Nerves, muscles, joints – all excellent.
    Normal ROM in upper body. Extremely hypermobile from the waist down.
    Textbook deep squat form.
    Strengthen traps and rhomboids to correct forward shoulder rotation.
    Main Problem:
    My lower abdominals and glutes are too weak so my low back is over compensating, which will eventually lead to back injury.

    So synopsis is that I’m adding to my weight routine:
    Hanging Leg Raises
    Dead Lifts
    Weighted Squats
    Bent Rows

    As far as my rib goes – I was told the rule of thumb is: “if it hurts, don’t do it”. I told the doc I hope to be back to 100 percent by the end of the month and he thinks I can totally do that.

    My goal is to hit up NAGA in Memphis on June 9th. That gives me enough time to heal up and get some good training in. Gonna kick some butt!

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