Not That Big Of a Deal

It’s been ten days of down time. I’m back to work and feeling pretty good for the most part.

I have been going to all of my regular classes this last week – not participating – but watching and taking videos. Okay, so I’m doing my share of smack talk and heckling from the sidelines. Everyone is cutting weight for tournament season so I’ve been telling them that with less of them to smash me, I’ll kick their butts easily when I get back on the mats.

I decided that I’m not going to risk competing on the 31st. I emailed NAGA and they let me transfer my pre-registration to a team mate. No sense going into my first tournament after 2 weeks of off time.

I’ve gotten the chance to talk with a lot of the “old timers” around the gym. They tell me that in the grand scheme of it all, a few weeks or even a month out doesn’t make that much difference.

I’ll be getting back on the mats after the 31st. I asked coach if he’d do the honors and give me my first beating when I get back. He promised to be really good and thorough. Oddly enough, I look forward to it.

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