Lisbon – Sweets and Sunsets

I meant to do an update on my adventure yesterday at the zoo, but I became distracted by sleep and crashed out before I could put two words together! So here is a two in one update!

The Zoo

Lisbon ZooIt was a bit different than the Zoo where I grew up! One thing I noticed was how much more fun it is when people don’t assume that you are going to do something stupid like hop the guardrail and go try to climb on the buffalo.

I spent probably 3 hours at the zoo, finishing up by watching the dolphin and sea lion show. One thing you must do is ride on the lift that will give you the grand tour of the place from the air. You get to go directly over the animal pens (including the Lions!) and the view you get of the city is just awesome.

MeerkatI had the meerkat group in a minor uproar as I discovered I can imitate their peeping communication noise well enough that they started trying to find me. Too cute!

I was tickled pink to find that they have a pair of White Tigers! I wasn’t able to get a good picture of them however as they were snoozing bellies to the sun behind a chain link fence. Chain link is not friendly to photographs!

One thing I will say is that I think half the zoo was shut down for the winter. I wish I could see it when it’s fully up and running!


Pastéis de Nata
Pastéis de nataPlease note: if you are ever wandering aimlessly through Lisbon and you see a small shop with a line out down the sidewalk. Join it. Even if you can’t see what people are waiting for, it will most definitely be worth it!

This line happened to be for Manteigaria, a shop that apparently does nothing but create pastéis de nata. I ordered two and an espresso and slid over to the standing counter to enjoy.

Pastéis de nata and espressoI took a cue from one of the little Portuguese grannies and decided to try one with cinnamon on it. I think my life changed a little when I bit into it. I kinda gasped and inhaled a bit of the cinnamon and was coughing randomly for the next hour.

The sweet gooey/crispy awesomeness was perfect paired with the European style espresso. I may accidentally wander in that direction again tomorrow.


The Walk
My favorite thing to do when I’m visiting a city is to just pick a direction and just head that way exploring whatever catches my eye (or more often nose!) along the way. This time I made my way through the Chiado area stopping to take pictures with my big old pink cased iPad (anyone want to get me a big girl camera?) and just enjoying myself. Here is a collection of a few of my favorite photos from that walk!








2 thoughts on “Lisbon – Sweets and Sunsets

  1. Jiu Jiu

    Your pictures are gorgeous! It reminds me a little bit of when I visited Lviv (Lvov) in Ukraine.

    I’m glad you had a good experience at the zoo! I went to a kid’s zoo in Seoul and it was flat out depressing. The enclosures were super tiny, and the animals were all covered in flies. It was awful. I miss good zoos.

    Where are you staying? Have you checked out You can often find locals and expats up for grabbing a coffee or a meal! Every time I travel I try to check them out. Sometimes if they can’t meet they’ll recommend some cool places for you.

    • Nicholle

      I stayed at a pensão in the Rossio district. It’s cheap, clean, and I got my own room walking distance from everything!

      I’ll probably be checking out when I go to Japan next year! I have a friend from China who introduced me to it. She uses it all the time when she travels!

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