Lisbon – The Underground

Brief summary of my experience at the Europeans:
I managed to lose my first round. I was up on the scoreboard and still do not understand how my opponent received pass and mount points when I had my xguard hook in deep enough to still lift her leg. Nothing I can do about it now though but move on to the next thing! The Atlanta Open is next Saturday!

After moping around in my hotel room, I decided to quit being a baby and get out into the city! I am staying in the Chiado area and wandered into a pastry shop for some goodies that were awesome enough to chase away the gloomies for a while!


After this, I took the subway to meet up with a fellow Raijin Army member, Will. He doesn’t like being in photos so I shall refrain from putting up a photo and will instead share a picture of the meal I had during our hang out time at O Pote! I’m a very simple person. All it takes to keep me happy is good food and good company! I’m kind of like a hobbit in that regards!

The Underground:
During my last trip two years ago, I took a cab from the airport to my hotel and missed out on the subway stations of the vermelha (red) line. I decided I shall have to pick a day to just ride the subway and stop at each station in order to take pictures. Each station is designed and decorated completely differently from the others! Here are some photos I took of the Olaias stop! The colors just are breathtaking!




What’s Next?
I think I shall go to the zoo tomorrow! It’s on a subway line I haven’t visited yet so I think I shall ride there, and then walk back afterwards. It’s only 5k and will allow me to enjoy the sights above ground some – and I will likely stop at some random food place as well!
Sunday I want to visit the Aquarium, and then do some training next week. I am here until the 29th and plan to enjoy every minute of it!

4 thoughts on “Lisbon – The Underground

    • Nicholle

      Yes this is my second trip! I have another week here to enjoy. I enjoyed your post, and also have a bit of a love affair with the pastéis de nata. It’s going to be very difficult to live without them once I get back to Tennessee!

  1. AnthonyR

    I am so jealous of all the fighters that have the balls to travel the world competing for the love of it. I love the ceiling in that picture. I wonder if my wife would let me do something like that in our house? lol

  2. Jiu Jiu

    Oh man. I am with you on the food thing. My fiance and I are doing the Whole 30 challenge (no grain/alcohol/sugar/dairy for 30 days). Thankfully he’s an awesome cook, but daaang I love me some sweet desserts!!

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