I Just Had To Do It

6:30 am
Someone else showed up for class this morning! Wheeeee!

Working on attacks from mount again, we drilled a straight arm lock (with option for kimura if opponent so desires)

  • Plant hands on mat right above your knees and swim right arm up, under their left triceps. Use your fingers to walk it up when they resist (as opposed to muscling it).
  • Use your shoulder to drive it down and grab their wrist with your left hand to straighten it out.
  • Apply pressure to snap their arm off at the elbow.
  • If they try to tuck their arm in, they’ll chicken wing themselves and then you go for the kimura.

    Another guy showed up for class at around 7, so the guys drilled together and coach worked with me some more. We did some guard pass to knee on belly drills for a bit, then we started adding to it. Instead of stopping at knee on belly, slide the knee over into full mount, they stiff-arm, then you arm bar.

    Did that for a bit, then coach started changing it up for me – switching into fat boy/bow choke, etc. Then he showed me a slick re-mount. Say for whatever reason, I lose their right arm while trying to armbar:

  • Both legs go up – like the start of a back roll.
  • Left leg swings/kicks back to the mat by their right hip while right foot comes down to the mat by their left hip – they pinch together.
  • Push up with hands to re-mount.
  • Coach told me to practice this with the grappling dummy until it becomes automatic.

    11:30 am
    Highlight of this class was rolling a guy over my midsection and completely twisting up my rib cartilage. Quite painful. Took me over an hour to stand up.

    Right now I’m dosed up on Lortab and am gonna be chilling at home for the next little bit. Good news is that I can take a full breath in, and cough lightly without tearing up – so it could have been worse I think.

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