Rib Out Again…

Busy day today!

10:00 am
Drilled this awesome leg drag pass that I learned at the seminar I went to on saturday. You can use it any time that you want to pass someone’s guard. I tried writing it out, but I can’t seem to describe it well.

The guys were drilling so I was left out for a bit. Although I did finally get to go a round with one of the black belts. He’s known for playing dirty and is huge. He was very nice to me though (he tore up the next guy). He told me I have really good defense and was guarding my wrists well. He was going for wrist locks, but I remembered someone telling me that making a fist will help protect you from that.

11:30 am
Did some knee on belly escape drills. We did the same one I learned yesterday, as well as a new one for use when they’re sunk really low and you can’t sweep them. Say they’re on your right side:

  • Grab their ankle with your right hand and the knee with your left hand.
  • Bump your hips up, and slightly toward the left, so as to get your hips under them. While doing this, push the ankle up and over your right leg.
  • Switch to your left hip and trap their foot in your quarter guard.
  • Depending on what they do, you can sweep, take the back, or half guard.
  • Useful!

    5:00 pm
    I probably should not have done this class – but I wanted to anyhow. Stupid stubborn me. My floating rib got dislocated on saturday and it’s still fairly inflamed

    Did all right my first couple rolls, although I couldn’t move the way I wanted to – so frustrating. Then I got stuck with a new white belt who has 60 lbs on me, and is a high school wrestler. I almost got him! But I couldn’t switch my hips to get the kimura I had locked in. Then I tried for a deep half guard surprise back take, and wasn’t able to complete it due to mobility issues – got me yelled at by coach. Grrrr!

    Anyhow, ended up spending the rest of class drilling with one of the blue belts who was nursing a knee injury. Us broken people have to stick together! Still sucked! But not as bad.

    7:15 pm
    We drilled the mount techniques that coach had me work on during monday’s am class. There were only 5 of us in class and everyone else was huge. So I drilled, but sat out from rolling. Not in the mood to be squished.

    Rib! Hurry up and heal already!

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