On The Lighter Side

Well I weighed in this morning and I made the cut to lightweight! Now I’m gonna get a little below then just maintain it – even after NAGA. I’ve emailed a guy who works in the hospital fitness center about getting a body fat analysis to make sure I’m in an okay range. Waiting to hear back.

I skipped the 10:00 team training class this morning. Since I trained so hard core yesterday, I’m gonna go lighter today.

At 11:30 we drilled two take down options from a single leg grab. Option 1:

  • Pass their leg to the outside, step in behind their standing leg.
  • Toss/walk/drop them on their butt while remaining standing.
  • Option 2:

  • If you can’t get their leg to the outside, switch hand grip on leg, come to their side, and slide free hand behind their back under their shoulders.
  • Squat a bit, lift with your hips, and toss them onto the matt.
  • Option 2 looks like you’re just gonna carry them like a big baby – before you throw them that is. It made me feel really big and tough because when you lift from your hips, they feel like 10 pounds of weight.

    We reviewed that bravo choke again, then rolled for a bit. Got tapped a few times, crushed a bit… The usual beatings.

    Picked a fight with one of the blue belts after class. I jabbed at him and he lunged for the single leg. I sprawled and he picked me up over his shoulders instead. I went for a guillotine choke so he tried to put me down and I locked in a triangle. Then we just had fun – he was a technical fighter so it was a good match with lots of movement. His sleeve hem was falling off and I managed to rip it off the rest of the way. It’s now tied around my belt as a trophy.

    Went easy at the 5:00 rolling class. Did 3 rounds and then another guy showed up so I sat out to watch since that put the numbers uneven. All three rounds were with big guys so I felt I’d had enough crushing anyhow. Coach must have agreed because he didn’t yell at me to get back on the mat like he usually does for the 5:00 class.

    Ran out and refueled myself before coming back for advanced gi training at 7:15. We drilled that kimura from N/S again with a slight variation. Instead of forcing/tricking your opponent onto their side, you work off of a possible escape they might use if you have over/under grips. Say your overhook is on the right side…

  • Opponent slides their right hand to rest on top of their hip bone and bridges to the left for the escape/leg entrapment.
  • As they bridge, jump on their head with a knee on each side and trap their right arm with your left.
  • Apply kimura.
  • I was with a purple belt who showed me how to turn it into an armbar if I couldn’t lock in the kimura for whatever reason. Pretty sweet!

    I’ve gotta work a full shift tomorrow so I’ll only be training in the morning for two classes. Of course, the 5 massages I have booked should keep me moving!

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