Upcoming Events

Confirmed Events
These are the tournaments coming up that I have officially confirmed my registration and/or travel for.



IBJJF New York Summer Gi and No Gi Open – New York, New York – July 16-17
I am extremely excited for this event since my family will be able to attend and cheer me on! They live in New Hampshire so I will fly into Boston a few days early and then we will travel down to NYC the night before the event and I’ll get to show off a little bit!

IBJJF World Master Championship – Las Vegas, Nevada – August 25-27
I was torn for a while about this competition. I really wanted to go, but it is just three weeks before my trip to compete in Japan as well and I need to make sure I have my budget lined up for that. I found that by flying into Los Angeles, taking a bus to vegas, and staying in a hostel I can make it work. (Plus one of my team mates has offered to cover my registration fee in exchange for a massage session) So bring it!

IBJJF Pan Asian Championship – Tokyo, Japan – September 8-9
I did this competition last year and it was an amazing experience! I was a little culture shocked and unfocused, but I’m ready for it this year and will be upgrading my 2015 silver medal. Afterwards I shall climb Mt. Fuji, train a bit, and maybe hop over to Korea for a few days. If anyone wants to sponsor my competition or mountain climb, contact me! I was interviewed by Tokyo TV last visit and they are considering doing a part 2.

See complete event gallery + order prints and downloads - www.mikecalimbas.com/BJJ/IBJJFPANS2015FRIDAYPlanned Events
These are the events on my “to do” list that have not yet been registered or paid for.

*Currently focusing on Confirmed events!

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